LK Group and LK Fiber were founded in 2017 by Lars Bøgelund and Kim Dørfler. Kim and Lars merged their two businesses to focus on their core product: Installation of fibre networks.  Demand proved to be high and new customers and employees quickly joined the company. 

In 2017, LK Fiber consisted only of mobile fibre consultants. Today, there are both mobile consultants and telephone consultants, who are able to make installation agreements over the phone.  Kim and Lars have been involved in all functions of the company from the beginning, as they have been the only ones in the office for much of the company’s life. The flat management structure has changed over the years, and today there are four managers, each responsible for their own area. 


Today, LK Fiber/LK Group consists of 50 permanent employees, spread across Zealand, Jutland, Funen and Malaga. The rapid growth of fibre networks in Denmark and abroad has led to the establishment of the LK Fiber Portal, which is currently undergoing rapid development. The LK Portal makes it possible to provide high-quality documentation to the contractor that is performing the physical work. We are continuously developing our Portal – and are in constant dialogue with our customers to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. We also rent our software to customers in Germany, where our newly developed app is a big success. 

In January 2021, we decided to open an office in Haslev and bring together all key operational functions in one place. Only a year later, we have outgrown this office and will move into new larger premises in 2023. It is in our interests to expand, but not at the expense of our high level of service and loyalty to our customers and partners. A large number of new customers come via word of mouth recommendations, which we view as an indication of customer satisfaction.