We pride ourselves on our flexibility, so if the job requires it, we’re happy to work beyond normal opening hours. We believe that availability and flexibility are important for customer satisfaction.


Thanks to our experience, you will have a reliable and ambitious partnership with a growing company.



Our systems comply with all applicable EU data protection laws and regulations. 


The processes in our portal, as well as the interaction between our mobile consultants and our call centre, ensure a highly efficient resolution of tasks.



Dialogue on an agreement between you and LK Fiber. We make a clear and transparent agreement on the job to be performed.


We welcome your customers. The customer contact starts, when we agree with the end customer where the fibre network is to be introduced into the house. We document all infrastructure, add images and make an accurate map of the work to be performed. At the same time, the customer is informed of your guidelines for laying the fibre cable.

All data is documented in our software, which both you and the end customer receive in the form of an establishment agreement.

You can now confidently send your contractors or technicians off with the establishment agreement to work from.


With an installation agreement, signed by the customer, the risk of complaints, as well as re-establishment, is minimised. At the same time, your customers experience very good service and feel confident about the work to be performed on their site.

You avoid much administrative work and at the same time ensure that all information is obtained and that the guidelines for laying fibre are respected by all parties.

Thank you to our customers

Morten Block, EWII

EWII Fibernet has worked with LK Fiber since late 2018, and they help to identify where customers would prefer to have fibre cables buried when setting up new fibre installations.

They are very professional in their approach to the tasks and complete every task from start to finish. At the same time, the work is done fast and efficiently, which means that the tasks can be quickly processed onwards.

Energi Fyn Bredbånd

Energi Fyn has been collaborating with LK Fiber since 2017.

LK Fiber prepares installation agreements for private customers requiring fibre networks, and we greatly appreciate the flexibility and commitment that LK Fiber provides in the delivery of the work. This collaboration has boosted our customers’ satisfaction, and they appreciate the personalised advice.

Elo Lindquist Olsen, Fibia

Fibia collaborates with LK Group APS due to their professional approach to tasks. We find that they are always professional and flexible in their approach to the task when determining where to install the fibre network for each customer.

Karol Stoltmann, Kraftteam

We choose to work with LK Fiber because the LK Fiber app helps us save time and gives us an accurate overview of the work on the FTTH extension.

Flexibility and accuracy in implementing our requests, always accessible for the customer – that’s what we value at LK Fiber.

Want to avoid losing paperwork or notes at your construction site? We found the solution with the LK Fiber app, which has been perfectly configured to our needs. Fibre optic installation agreements and digging works are now documented and digitised seamlessly. Our daily operations have been simplified and made easier.


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